What do I need to work as a Massage Therapist in California?

If your city requires more hours than the Massage Therapy Fundamentals class to issue you a business license, the most you will need to comply with your city ordinance and apply to your city or apply for certification as a massage therapist is 500 hours of training plus MBLEX exam. You will then apply to the California Massage Therapy Council (camtc.org). Once you are approved, you will take your CAMTC certificate to your city hall and they will issue your business license. You can now begin working using the term Certified Massage Therapist.


Where do I Start?

A good place to start is with our Massage Therapy Fundamentals class or with any Anatomy class or with any elective class that has no prerequisite class required. For example you could start with a Cranial Sacral Therapy class or an Acupressure class or a Reiki class. There are several options for starting your 500 hour program each month. In the fundamentals class, you will learn the basic foundation work as needed for a professional massage practice. We offer this class 4 times a year. Before you have completed, you will have the option to upgrade to a 250 hour or 500 hour program, allowing you to complete these hours at the lowest price available OR you can choose to continue taking classes and pay class by class, tacking as much time as you want to complete.

Upcoming Massage Therapy Fundamentals classes

OR, you may start with any anatomy class or elective class that has no prerequisite. These classes are listed by scheduled date in class schedule.

When you are ready to register:

  1. Print Application for Admission and mail to MTI, PO Box 518, Davis, Ca 95617 along with a photo copy of your high school diploma or other proof of education, photocopy of government and current photographic ID plus your application fee.
  2. OR

  3. If you would like to see the school, schedule a time to meet with the Director by calling 530-753-4428 or email julie@mtidavis.com.

Once we have reviewed and accepted your application we will mail a receipt for money paid and instructions on what to bring to class, parking, etc.

If you take our Massage Therapy Fundamentals class, before completion you may choose to upgrade into a 250 or 500 hour Massage Therapist Program. Your Massage Therapy Fundamentals class is included as part of those programs. You can make monthly payments for the balance owing. You will receive a certificate and a transcript upon completion.

To work as a massage therapist in California you need to have training at an approved school (MTI is approved), and have a business license from the city (or county) you wish to work in. If your city has no massage ordinance (check with the business license dept. of your city hall), you may apply for your business license after you graduate from our Massage Therapy Fundamentals class. You can now work using the term Massage Therapist.



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