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Acupressure uses gentle hand and finger pressure along the body's energy/meridian channels, to restore and balance the flow of energy throughout the body, thus promoting healing. There are several different forms/styles. What they have in common is their foundation in Chinese medicine.

Our classes train students in several different acupressure styles (some quiet and some active) Students learn how to work with the 5 element theory, the organ meridians, and the acupressure points. Some of the work may be done on traditional floor-mats and some on a massage table.

We offer a large number of Acupressure classes can be taken as part of a 250 hour or 500 hour massage therapist program OR can be taken as continuing education classes. These classes offer a thorough education in Acupressure and may be combined with Western-style Massage Technique or used in your Acupressure practice.

Kathleen Davis

Our complete training includes these classes: Acupressure - a practice in Harmony (30 hrs), Acupressure – Tui Na (30 hrs), Five Element Acupressure-Assessment and Application (30 hrs), Cupping and Moxibustion (14 hrs), Acupressure for the Chakras (8 hrs), Acupressure Reflexology- Energies of the Feet, Hands, and Ears (24 hrs), Acupressure Dreaming (7 hrs), Acupressure Chair Massage (7 hrs), Acupressure for PMS Relief (7 hrs), Acupressure for Neck & Shoulder (6 hrs), Acupressure for easing Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue (7 hrs), Acupressure for Headache Relief (7 hrs), Acupressure for Allergies & Asthma Relief (7 hrs), Acupressure-TuiNa2 (16 hrs), Meridian Acupressure (30 hrs)




ACUPRESSURE REFLEXOLOGY (24 hrs) Fri, Sat & Sun, Jan 6, 7 & 8 (9 am - 6 pm) Your entire body can be mapped in your ear, hand and foot. Working with these areas is a powerful way to assess energy flow and to stimulate the body's ability to heal. The class explores a variety of techniques from traditional Chinese massage with an emphasis on keeping the practitioner's hands healthy. The course includes meridian, reflex, and acu-point location and contributes to the student's understanding of assessment. Prerequisite: none. Instructor: Kathleen Davis Cost: $345 Prepay: 2-Wk $335, 4-Wk $325.

ACUPRESSURE FOR THE CHAKRAS (8 hrs) Mon, Jan 9 (9 am - 6 pm) Energetic touch to bring balance to the Wheels of Life-Force along centerline. Each chakra relates to a particular aspect of our development. Learn to recognize the feel of balanced mobility in the chakras and ways to work with them to increase overall vitality.. Prerequisite: none Instructor: Kathleen Davis Cost: $125 Prepay: 2-Wk $120, 4-Wk $115.

ACUPRESSURE - TUI NA (30 hrs) Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun, Jan 19, 20, 21 & 22 (9 am - 5:30 pm) Learn the ancient art of Chinese meridian massage. This is an active style that includes moving muscles, joints, and bones. Excellent for adding to your sports massage and increasingly popular in spas. Tui Na is an adaptable style, appropriate for a full range of clients. You will learn the pathways of Chi and a variety of hand movements (sho fa) with which to work the meridians. Additionally, we will work through a full session pattern allowing ample time to get comfortable with the techniques. Prerequisite: none Instructor: Kathleen Davis Cost: $440 Prepay: 2-Wk $430, 4-Wk $420.

ACUPRESSURE FOR ALLERGIES & ASTHMA RELIEF (7 hrs) Thurs, Feb 23 (9 am - 5 pm) You can breathe more easily when your meridian energy is flowing well. Come learn simple ways to energize and open your or your clients' breathing with meridian acu-points. Instructor: Kathleen Davis Cost: $110 Prepay: 2-Wk $105, 4-Wk $99.

ACUPRESSURE FOR HEADACHE RELIEF (7 hrs) Fri, Feb 24 (9 am - 5 pm) Learn simple techniques and point combinations with which to clear the stagnant chi that produces headaches. Instructor: Kathleen Davis Cost: $110 Prepay: 2-Wk $105, 4-Wk $99.

CUPPING & MOXIBUSTION (14 hrs) Thurs & Fri, March 16 & 17 (9 am - 5 pm) These two techniques are great to add to your toolkit. Cupping works to clear deep tension easily and quickly. Moxibustion is an effective way to build qi, allowing you to offer a truly nurturing session. Both are time-honored practices of traditional Chinese medicine. We will utilize lecture, demonstration, discussion, and practicum. You will learn to apply cups in a variety of techniques, remove them safely, and clean them. We will discuss appropriate uses of cups and contraindications for their use. Students will also learn about yang meridian pathways, as well as benefits and contraindications, safety procedures, and several techniques of moxibustion. Prerequisite: None Instructor: Kathleen Davis Cost: $205 Prepay: 2-Wk $198, 4-Wk $190.

ACUPRESSURE- A Practice in Harmony (30 hrs). Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon April 21,22,23 & 24 (9 am - 5:30 pm) This class engages students in the ancient Chinese healing art of Acupressure, a quiet form of energy work which emphasizes a listening touch. Students will learn key points with which to balance energy in the body Extraordinary Vessels of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Extraordinary Vessels are powerful channels which have a profound influence on the meridian and organ energy; these are our original flows of qi in the womb from which all other channels come. When we engage with the Extraordinary Vessels we tap into deep power with which to restore harmony. We will use a quiet form of energy work which allows the development of a subtle touch and the ability to read subtle energy. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Kathleen Davis. Cost: $440 Prepay: 2-Wk $430, 4-Wk $420.

ACUPRESSURE DREAMING (7 hrs) Thurs, May 18 (9 am - 5 pm). Learn how to facilitate peaceful sleep for deep restoration. Patterns will be taught for helping with insomnia, restless dreaming and nightmares. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Kathleen Davis Cost: $110 Prepay: 2-Wk $105, 4-Wk $99.

ACUPRESSURE FOR PMS RELIEF (7 hrs) Fri, May 19 (9 am - 5 pm). Learn the meridians and points for releasing menstrual pain and regulating mood swings. Menstrual pain isn't normal; just common - come learn how to free your clients from PMS. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Kathleen Davis Cost: $110 Prepay: 2-Wk $105, 4-Wk $99.

FIVE-ELEMENT ACUPRESSURE-Assessment and Application (30 hrs) Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon, July 14, 15, 16 & 17 (9 am - 5:30 pm) Refine your assessment skills and expand your understanding of acupressure meridians and their ability to bring vitality, joy and health. The Five Element approach to acupressure allows you to create powerful sessions through which you can help your clients to harmonize imbalances in their health and energy. As you learn the associations of each element and how the elements interrelate, you will begin to see patterns that can help your clients understand how their choices are influencing their meridian flow and their sense of well-being. In class we will look at how color, smell, posture, voice and attitude reflect the balance of a person's elements. We will learn 12 points that help with assessment of the meridian balance and palpate meridian pathways to sense which textures reflect the elements in stress. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Kathleen Davis. Cost: $440 Prepay: 2-Wk $430, 4-Wk $420.

ACUPRESSURE CHAIR MASSAGE (7 hrs) Thurs, Sept 21 (9 am - 5 pm) Heighten the effectiveness of chair massage by learning to include meridian pathways and acu-points and to mobilize the client. Use of variety of stances and hand techniques facilitates both the safety and vitality of the practitioner while enhancing the experience of the client. Prereq: none. Instructor: Kathleen Davis. Cost: $110 Prepay: 2-Wk $105, 4-Wk $99.

ACUPRESSURE FOR NECK & SHOULDER (6 hrs) Fri, Sept 22 (9 am - 4 pm) Simple point formulas to help yourself and your clients - easy to add into your regular session work. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Kathleen Davis Cost $95 Prepay: 2-Wk $90, 4-Wk $85.

MERIDIAN ACUPRESSURE (30 hrs) Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon Oct 6, 7, 8 & 9 (9 am - 5:30 pm) Unlock some of the secrets from a centuries-old tradition of healing - study Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian pathways and points. You will learn about individual point spirit and function so that you can deepen the effectiveness of your sessions. Students will practice working with both active movement along the meridians and with a listening touch, allowing the ability to feel the subtle energies at play in the points. The understanding of the meridians will enrich any forms that you practice. You will be able to offer a full session and you will also find that the style blends well with a wide variety of body work. Meridian pulse assessment and tongue reading will also be taught. Prerequisite: None. Instructor: Kathleen Davis. Cost: $440 Prepay: 2-Wk $430, 4-Wk $420.


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